Welcome to 3Girls Theatre Company!

3Girls Theatre Company is putting “women’s work onstage . . . where it belongs.” Surveys tell us that the small percentage of works by women playwrights produced in mainstream American theatre is roughly the same today as it was a century ago. We at 3Girls Theatre aren’t interested in debating the politics of this problem. We’re just interested in solving it!

Our not-for-profit group has a singular mission: to create theatre experiences that let the voices of women and girls to be heard, loud and clear.   Founded in 2011 by San Francisco playwrights Suze Allen, AJ Baker and Lee Brady, we are a company of women playwrights in the truest sense of the word: co-conspirators, partners, enthusiastic supporters of one another’s work.  Women artists are still an astonishingly under-served (and under-heard) community, even in 21st century America, where the possibilities should be endless.   We started 3GT to ensure our work — and the work of our collaborators — gets the high quality development and production it deserves, giving  audiences the chance to see just what happens when the female perspective makes it to the stage!   3GT programs include our annual FestivalsStaged Reading Series,  educational outreach programs and special member Projects that invite script submissions and participation from our larger community .  Join us on our journey! Be a Company volunteer or apply for a student internship.  Sign up to get email updates from this site and on Facebook.  And keep up with all of the latest and greatest news about 3GT right here.

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3GT Call for Art: 2014 Festival Art Show

3GT 2013 Art Show

3GT 2013 Art Show

We’re delighted to announce that this year’s Festival Art Show will be presented in collaboration with the San Francisco-based nonprofit organization Swords To Plowshares.  Swords  presents its 2014 art show SHOUT! for Women Veterans: Celebrating Women In Service, Honoring Their Sacrifice  n San Francisco on June 12, 2014.    3GT’s Art Show complements SHOUT! as well as our 2014 Festival readings of  LOW HANGING FRUIT,  a new play by 3GTResident Playwright Robin Bradford that raises powerful questions about the plight of homeless women veterans.

2012 Art Show  R. Liebman Illumination 25

2012 Art Show R. Liebman

We’re calling for submissions from women artists who are eligible to participate in SHOUT! :  that is, women artists who have served in the military or are family members or friends of women who have served in the military and who have been impacted by their service.  We’re looking for works in any medium to illustrate our theme, LOW HANGING FRUIT.  The winning piece will be used as the poster art for the 3Girls Theatre 2014 Summer Festival!  The winner will also receive a $250 honorarium.


2012 Art Show SG Baker Color Holes

2012 Art Show SG Baker

Submitting artists are eligible to have their work hung in our week-long show in San Francisco.    Art for the show will be selected by our Festival art committee from all poster submissions  and will be hung (for sale by artist) at Thick House in San Francisco during the Festival (July 7-13).  The Festival draws hundreds of audience members to Thick House that week, all of whom will have the opportunity to view the show before and after our events.   The art and artists will also be promoted on the 3GT Festival website.

Eligibility and submission details here on our website.

We can’t wait to see your work!

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Register Now for 3Girls Theatre Lab Spring Session


Want some help writing your great play?  Get it from 3GT Resident Playwright, Suze Allen.   Her Crafting Plays Workshop takes you from raw idea to final draft. Part lecture, play readings, and writing exercises, these three-hour classes are informative and hands- on. Work on finding strong, fully realized characters with something important at stake, fine-tuning the Unity of Opposites, and writing dynamic dialogue. A solid conflict between the Protagonist and Antagonist is at the very heart of a play. Give your characters something juicy to fight for and you’ll find their authentic voices. Learn the skills to make your plays electric and rich. Whichever road you take into the dramatic writing process, you need a good road map or you can get lost. Find your way with Crafting Plays. Especially for playwrights in the throes of writing a full length play.

8 weeks – Tuesdays 7-10pm
April 8 – May 27 $250
Phoenix Theatre, 414 Mason Street, San Francisco

For more information, contact Suze at 207.205.0636 or suze@3girlstheatre.org

“Suze Allen is, without a doubt, the best playwrighting teacher a person could hope for.” Abigail Edber, playwright and 3GT Lab student. More praise for Suze’s teaching here.

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New projects, new readings and more!


Well, we’re going gangbusters here at 3GT!  As if the delightfully over-subscribed Salon Reading Series (which develops work by our Resident Playwrights) isn’t enough, we’re unveiling a series of special projects designed to reach out to our community of  diverse Bay Area playwrights and theatre-lovers.  Each project is headed up by a Resident Playwright with a passion for her idea  – and as you can imagine, this group of women has a whole lot to be passionate about!  It’s a really exciting time for 3Girls and I can’t wait to tell you about each of these initiatives as the year goes on.

Our very first new project is LezWrites,  a program devoted to encouraging and presenting readings of short works by Bay Area lesbian playwrights (and other lesbian writer-performers).  The project is curated by 3GT Resident Playwright Margery Kreitman, who is herself a renowned (and much beloved) lesbian monologist.   We’re just getting started, but Margery hopes to present an ongoing program of readings every few months.   The first evening of readings will take place on July 11 at our 2014 New Works Summer Festival.   Our call for submissions is up now, so if you’re a lesbian writer who has a piece in hand, check it out!  Deadline for submissions is May 21, 2014.

If you know the way to San Jose, go there this Tuesday night.   City Lights Theatre is presenting an evening of readings of short plays by Bay Area playwrights on April 8 at 8 pm as part of their New Reader Series, and the evening will include works by 3GT Resident Playwrights Lee Brady and Patricia Milton (as well as Salon Series Selection Panelist Susan Jackson).   3GT is putting together a carpool from SF — if you’re interested in joining, email Spiraleena by Monday night.

We’re also just about ready to give you lots of details on the schedule and mission for the 2014 New Works Summer Festival, which is shaping up to be something really special.  But. . . . one thing at a time!  Or at least, one post a day!  Stay tuned. . . .

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