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3Girls Theatre Company is putting “women’s work onstage . . . where it belongs.” Surveys tell us that the small percentage of works by women playwrights produced in mainstream American theatre is roughly the same today as it was a century ago — hovering at somewhere between 12-18%, depending on the year.   We at 3Girls Theatre aren’t interested in debating the politics of this problem. We’re just interested in solving it!

Our not-for-profit group has a singular mission: to create theatre experiences that let the voices of women and girls to be heard, loud and clear.   Founded in 2011 by San Francisco playwrights Suze Allen, AJ Baker and Lee Brady, we are a company of women playwrights in the truest sense of the word: co-conspirators, partners, enthusiastic supporters of one another’s work.  Women artists are still an astonishingly under-served (and under-heard) community, even in 21st century America, where the possibilities should be endless.   We started 3GT to ensure our work — and the work of our collaborators — gets the high quality development and production it deserves, giving  audiences the chance to see just what happens when the female perspective makes it to the stage!   3GT programs include our annual FestivalsStaged Reading Series,  educational outreach programs and special member Projects that invite script submissions and participation from our larger community .  Join us on our journey! Be a Company volunteer or apply for a student internship.  Sign up to get email updates from this site and on Facebook.  And keep up with all of the latest and greatest news about 3GT right here.

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Update from the Artistic Director: October

3girls Final!-03

October in San Francisco!  The Giants are winning again, the Blue Angels are flying again, and there’s so much theater in town that even the most dedicated performance addict can’t hope to see all of it. Plus, perfect fall weather.  No complaints here.

We are so busy getting the next season ready!    Calendar details will be announced in December.   If you’re not already a member of 3GT Club, join now to make sure you get first dibs on seats for all of our very cool events.   For now, here’s what’s happening (and what’s happened!) since we last touched base.


    • Friday, October 17 at 8 pm: Patricia Milton‘s solo monologue, KITTY’S PRESCRIPTION, featured in last year’s sold-out collection of solo pieces “Cat Ladies,” will be performed by Martha Rynberg as part of “Cat Town Cabaret,” a cat adoption fundraiser. One night only at Veteran’s Hall, 401 Highland Avenue, Piedmont, CA. Buy tickets here.
    • Saturday, October 25 at 8 pm:  We’ll be in LA for closing night of Robin Bradford‘s  LOW HANGING FRUIT at Zephyr Theatre. Robin’s wonderful play has received rave reviews during its world premiere run, and you can hear a fascinating interview with Robin by LAFPI’s Alyson Mead here.  Spread the word to all your friends in Los Angeles and if you can do the quick trip down there yourself for closing night, let us know so we can make sure to connect with you.  3GT members and friends can enter the code TP55 for a 55% ticket discount.   Buy tickets  here.


  • 3GT Resident Playwright AJ Baker on  the selection of  THE ANNIVERSARY EFFECT  as a finalist for Capital Repertory Theatre’s NEXT ACT! 2014 New Play Summit.   The play was selected as one of the top ten scripts out of almost 350.   A portion of the play will be read as part of the “First 15″  program at the Summit on November 1, 2014 in Albany, New York.
  • 3GT Advisors Bill Bivins and Lauren Gunderson on the world premieres of their new plays.   Both plays opened at the end of September:   Bill’s  RANSOM, TEXAS   at  San Francisco’s Tides Theatre (produced by Virago Theatre Company) and Lauren’s FIRE WORK at Berkeley’s Live Oak Theatre (produced by TheatreFIRST).
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Update from the Artistic Director: September

3girls Final!-033GT’s September calendar is absolutely packed with fabulous theater events by and featuring 3GT Resident Playwrights, Board members and friends.  Right now your intrepid Artistic Director is blissfully (and gratefully) enjoying my annual writer’s retreat on the east coast.   But I’ll be checking out as many of these amazing shows as I can and hope to see you all at one or more of them.  Happy Fall!


  • Now through September 6:    This weekend is your last chance to see 3GT Board Member and actor Louis Parnell ‘s star turn in SF Playhouse’s production of  INTO THE WOODS.    If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss!  Tickets and info here.
  • September 6:    3GT Advisor Linda Ayres-Frederick and charter 3GT Club member Nancy Cooper-Frank  present ASSORTED DOMESTIC EMERGENCIES, two one-act plays at the San Francisco Fringe Festival.  Also at the Fringe:  charter 3GT Club member Kurt Bodden and his partner Allison Daniel perform AN AWKWARD SENSATION.   The SF Fringe runs at the Exit Theatre in downtown San Francisco through September 20.   Tickets and info here.
  • September 9:  Opening night for 3GT Advisor Lauren Gunderson‘s play BAUER  at NYC’s 59E59 Theatres in a production by SF Playhouse,  directed by 3GT Club member Bill English (and featuring our friends Susi Damilano and Stacy Ross).   If you’ll be in New York between now and October 12,  buy your tickets here.
  • September 20:  Opening night of the world premiere of  LOW HANGING FRUIT  by 3GT Resident Playwright Robin Bradford  at LA’s Zephyr Theatre  in production directed by Lee Sankowich.   We’re so proud of Robin and her wonderful play, which  San Francisco audiences got a sneak peek at during  the July New Works Festival.   The production begins previews on September 11 and runs through October 26.   Spread the word to all your friends in Los Angeles . . and if you can do the quick trip down there yourself, make sure to see the show!  3GT members and friends can enter the code TP55 for a 55% ticket discount to any performance.  Plus:   3GT is planning a night at the show on October 25, so if you can make it let us know and we’ll get you details on the festivities.   Buy your tickets here
  • September 28:  3GT Resident Playwright Suze Allen joins Dr. Carol Langois to present the final installment in this year’s Girl Talk Teen Monologue Series (for girls 14 and over), a collection of real stories about teens, for teens.  Sign up with your teenager here.
  • September 30:   Opening night of the world premiere of  RANSOM, TEXAS  by 3GT Advisor William Bivins at Tides Theatre in a production by our good friends Virago Theatre Company, directed by 3GT Club member Laura Lundy-Paine.   The production begins previews on September 26 and runs through October 18 (with an LA run planned for 2015).  Buy your tickets here.


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Update from the Artistic Director: August

It’s hard to believe that August has already come to town!   San Francisco is teeming with happy tourists, locals are off to the coast, and we hope that all of you are happily deep in a mid-summer nights’ dream.

Here at 3GT, we’ve been catching our breath after our high-intensity week of theater at the New Works Festival in July.  It was such a pleasure to meet so many of you– 3GT Club members and new audience members all– at Thick House.   If you were there, you already know that every reading event was packed –from Monday to Sunday–and a great time was had by all.  If you couldn’t make it in person this year, check out our 2014 New Works Festival page for summaries and pix.    And mark your 2015 calendars for next July!

Congratulations to our drawing winners:    Seven lucky Festival audience members won memberships in 3GT Club for the next year.  A warm welcome to Stephanie Miller, Matthew Goslawski, Sylvia Kratins,  Bill McGuire, Anna Gade,  Patricia Cotter and Ana Rubke.   We look forward to seeing all of you at the 2015 Salon Series starting in January.

Margery Kretiman greets sold out crowd at LezWrites!

Resident Playwright Margery Kretiman greets sold out crowd at the debut of LezWrites on July 11

Just around the corner

This fall, 3GT expands our program to support individual Special Projects designed and curated by our Resident Playwrights.   The 3GT Special Projects program is intended to give our Resident Playwrights opportunities to collaborate with other female playwrights and artists,  while giving 3GT a chance to partner with like-minded theater companies (in SF and beyond).   We’re excited to reach out and share our mission with as many members of the community as possible!

On September 20, Robin Bradford’s play LOW HANGING FRUIT  (which had two marvelous staged readings/discussion nights at the Festival) opens at the Zephyr Theatre in LA, and runs through October 26.  3GT will be coordinating at least one night in LA as a special event for our San Francisco fans — stay tuned for details and dates.

On September 28, Margery Kreitman will present the second performance in our LezWrites! project, which debuted at the July Festival.  Watch your email for ticket and sign-up information next month.    Note that submissions are accepted all year on a rolling basis (next date will be February 2015).   Eligibility and information  here.

Lots more to report in September.  Until then, enjoy the rest of the summer!

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