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AJB2007-tnSee AJ’s bio here.


Playwright Suze AllenSee Suze’s bio here.


SpiraleenaSusannah (“Spiraleena”) Mason  has been theatrically engaged ever since she scored the role of the little mermaid in a girl scout play at age 9.   In addition to running the behind-the-scenes show as 3GT’s Director of Administration, Spiraleena can be found doing stage makeup design for The Marsh Youth Theater, (SIDDHARTHA, NARNIA, THE MAGIC FLUTE), the Chitresh Das Dance Company (SITA HARAN) and The Reclaiming Spiral Dance (dancers and chorus, make-up).  In May 2011, she did make-up for hundreds of dancers in the Indian classic epic tale of THE RAMAYANA for Chhandam School of Kathak Dance.  In March 2012, Spiraleena stage managed THE RIGHT THING and WHAT ABOUT BEN? during 3GT’s MARCH 2012 CELEBRATION OF WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH festival at Thick House.  She served as Costume Designer for our 2012 HOLIDAY SHOWCASE and in 2013, she was the Festival Costume Designer for our second CWHM.


Christine Claudel  has worked with nonprofit organizations in fundraising and brings a passion for our mission of putting “women’s work…onstage where it belongs” to her role.  Christine graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Journalism.  She has contributed to arts and culture magazines as a copy writer and greatly enjoyed her work writing grants.  As a Bay Area theatre supporter, Christine is continually invigorated by all the talent encountered in our community.  She is thrilled to be joining 3Girls Theatre for what she sees as a dynamic intersection of growth and opportunity for women’s voices in American theatre.


Actor, director and playwright Mary Powelson is a development and donor relations expert with more than thirty years of experience working for non-profit arts and education programs, including ten years of experience as an arts program administrator in the Bay Area. In addition to her many other theater-related activities, Mary is the Artistic Director of the Salesion Club Theatre Program, an after-school program for boys and girls in North Beach that is in its ninth season.


Bay Area native Jim Norrena wears many hats: He’s the web editor and content manager at California College of the Arts (where by fall 2012 he’ll have earned his MFA in creative writing); he teaches professional proofreading at Media Alliance; serves on the boards of Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco (PCSF), Bay Area Editors’ Forum (BAEF), and the Mary Sidney Society (MSS), a nonprofit whose mission statement is to prove a woman wrote the works attributed to William Shakespeare(!); he also is in love with photography; and, above all else, he’s a dyed-in-the-wool theater fan who is just now getting his playwriting hands dirty.  Jim loves 3GT- and 3GT loves him!


Michael Bellino1 Michael Bellino is a Bay Area actor, director, and designer. His most recent work as an actor was in the San Jose Stage Co. production of ON THE WATERFRONT, earlier this year. And he is proud to have been part of Thick Description’s 20th Anniversary season in Octavio Solis’ EL OTRO, and Oliver Mayer’s BLADE TO THE HEAT. He has performed, directed and designed for many local theatres including Magic Theatre, Eureka Theatre, Oakland Ensemble, Pour Boys, and the upstart Bindlestiff Productions, to name a few. He was also Jackson Speer in Solis’ GIBRALTAR, a California Premier, in a co-production with Thick Description and San Jose Stage Co.  Michael served as Technical Director for 3GT’s MARCH 2013 CELEBRATION OF WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH at Tides Theatre, DECEMBER 2012 HOLIDAY SHOWCASE at The Phoenix, and MARCH 2012 CELEBRATION OF WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH at Thick House.


Photo by Jim Norrena

Photo by Jim Norrena

Caroline Altman is a multi-talented theatre artist:  composer, lyricist, director, actress and educator. Her musical compositions include “Whiskers!,” “Dreamers,” “Alice in Cyberland,” “The Tower,” and “The Snow Queen.” “How Andy Found His Voice,” a show about bullying, debuted in 2011 in Los Angeles, and played at the Herbst Theatre in February 2012. As Education Director at San Francisco Opera Guild, Caroline also created the Voices for Social Justice program and the award winning Book to Bravo!, a classroom composition program for Elementary Schools.  She is a frequent collaborator with 3GT Resident Playwright Patricia Milton (MOMENTS OF TRUTH,  NOT WITHOUT OUR WOMEN).  We’re fortunate to have Caroline working with Assistant Artistic Director Suze Allen on creating and teaching our GirlWrights program in 2014.

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